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Fire Door Services in Manchester

Fire Door Inspection Service

  • 24/7 Qualified inspectors in Manchester
  • Fully registered with NAFDI (National Association of Fire Door Inspectors)
  • Conduct comprehensive fire door surveys for type of commercial properties.
  • Flexible contract options to fit your needs.

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Fire Door Services
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We offer a comprehensive range of fire door services, including:

We offer an additional reactive maintenance service, including:

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About our company

Blue Reactive Maintenance is your trusted partner for fire door services in Manchester. We’re a certified company, legally authorised to offer a complete suite of solutions:


  • In-depth fire door inspections and surveys: Ensure your doors meet all safety regulations.
  • Expert fire door repairs and replacements: Maintain optimal functionality and keep your building protected.
  • Customized fire door maintenance plans: Proactive care to prevent future issues and extend door lifespan.
  • Official fire door certificates: Receive verification of compliance for peace of mind.


Our fire door surveys go beyond basic checks. We help you keep your doors in prime condition, ensuring they comply with building regulations and protecting your property. By identifying potential problems early, we can also help you save money by preventing costly repairs and replacements down the line.

Are your Fire Door up to date?

If your fire doors are not up to date, you could be putting your building and its occupants at risk. Contact Blue Reactive Maintenance today to schedule a fire door survey. 

The Importance of Fire Safety for Businesses

A fire can happen any time, and some businesses face a heightened risk. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and operations handling flammable materials are particularly vulnerable. Fires can lead to devastating consequences, causing extensive property damage, injuries, and even loss of life.

This underscores the importance of proactive fire prevention measures. Implementing adequate protection starts with ensuring your fire doors are compliant and functioning optimally. Fire doors are crucial in slowing the spread of flames and smoke, buying precious time for safe evacuation. Regular inspections and maintenance guarantee they perform as intended.

For businesses with a higher fire risk profile, a comprehensive fire safety plan is essential. This plan should define clear evacuation procedures for the building and provide training on using fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment.

This revision keeps the core message intact while using different phrasing and focusing on the importance for high-risk businesses

Benefits of Fire Door Survey Services

Fire doors are designed to withstand fire and smoke, providing a safe escape route for occupants and protecting the building’s structure. They can prevent the spread of fire and smoke, giving occupants more time to evacuate the building and reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities.

Fire doors are required by law in many buildings, including commercial and industrial properties. Installing fire doors in your business can help you comply with fire safety regulations and avoid penalties and fines.

: Fire doors can prevent the spread of fire and smoke, reducing the risk of property damage and loss. They can also minimize the disruption to your business operations, allowing you to resume normal activities quickly.

Installing fire doors in your business can improve your insurance coverage and reduce your premiums. Insurance companies often offer discounts to businesses that have adequate fire protection measures in place, such as fire doors.

How to Choose the Right Fire Door Service Provider

Choosing the right fire survey door service provider is crucial to ensure that your fire doors are inspected correctly and maintained properly.


Here are some crucial aspects to consider when making this important choice:

  • Unmatched Expertise: Prioritize experience and in-depth knowledge of fire door inspections and maintenance. Look for a company with a team of certified technicians skilled in testing, inspecting, and reporting on the condition of fire doors and their frames.
  • Proven Track Record and Satisfied Clients: Research the provider’s reputation and delve into customer reviews. Seek companies with a history of delivering top-notch services, evidenced by positive reviews and testimonials from happy clients.
  • Compliance Champions: Select a provider who champions compliance with fire safety regulations and standards. They should possess thorough knowledge of local and national fire safety codes, ensuring your fire doors meet all mandatory requirements, keeping you and your occupants safe.
  • Tailored Solutions for Your Needs: Opt for a company offering customized solutions and services that cater to your specific circumstances. They should be able to assess your business’s unique fire safety needs and create a bespoke plan aligned with your budget and requirements.
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Don't panic! We can help.

We can advise you on the best fire safety solutions for your business and work within your budget to achieve compliance.

Fire Door Survey Process

When you choose our fire door service provider, you can expect the following during the survey process:


I know what doors need to be repaired, why do I need a survey?

Our comprehensive survey, conducted by experts, identifies and addresses specific fire door issues in a compliant way. Plus, you’ll have a clear asset list for proper maintenance. Not every door in your building needs to be a fire door – we can guide you on where they are required.

My fire doors were approved by building control; are they still compliant?

While a building inspector may sign off a buidling, they may not conduct a detailed inspection of each fire door on-site. The responsibility for maintaining a safe building lies with the responsible person, not the building inspector.

All fire doors should meet minimum requirements for structure, gaps, condition, seals/strips, and ironmongery (depending on their location). Even if they were approved during the initial building inspection, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are compliant today.

What do you inspect as part of a fire door survey?

When we examine the fire doors we look at:

  • Hinges
  • Door closer (self-closing devices)
  • Door frame
  • Fire safety signage
  • Panic hardware devices for external final fire exit doors
  • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps
  • Door leaf
  • Locks and levers/handles
  • Intumescent strips and cold smoke seals
  • Hold open devices
  • Glazing

After, we provide a detailed survey that clearly defines the condition of each door and our recommendations for which parts (if any) need to be replaced.

How do you determine which fire doors to inspect?

Before conducting a survey, we request a fire strategy plan or compartmentation drawing for the property. If this information is unavailable, we apply a risk-based life safety approach and use fire engineering judgment to establish the assumed lines of fire resistance, based on building regulations or other relevant design codes

Do you require the original door documentation or compliance certificates to confirm if a door is a fire door?

Many fire doors lack original documentation or manufacturer identification. In such cases, our surveyor employs a risk-based approach, assessing factors like door thickness, weight, and typical fire door features to determine if it should be inspected as a fire door. We thoroughly inspect all aspects.

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